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5. The Founder Summit 2024 Wiesbaden

5. The Founder Summit 2024 Wiesbaden

Natalia Netselya, known from the show “Das Supertalent” in 2010, opened the Founder Summit 2024.
Natalia Netselya created a sand art piece. A piece of art that continually changed its “face,” telling a whole story,
until finally, Robin and Danny were seen on the artwork with the headline: Founder Summit 2024 #Dream Big.

Matthias Killing

moderated through the two days on the Main Stage. He is known from Sat.1, Breakfast Television, and various
sports-related hosting roles.

7000 visitors, 200 partners, 110+ speakers, 13 stages, 2 days

The two days were vibrant and energetic. It’s very pleasant when everyone is pulling in the same direction.
People are engaged, looking forward to the stars, speakers, content; there is a perfect mix of education, entertainment,
motivation, and networking here.

Storytelling, sharing one’s own experiences with the people attending the Founder Summit 2024, and preventing others from making
the same mistakes in life.

One’s own foresight and years of professional experience are invaluable.


Shirin David

performed the opening on the Main Stage.

She is a very well-known rapper, feminist, influencer, singer, and entrepreneur.

With her very likable personality, she definitely touched the hearts of the 7000 attendees right away. Everyone is excited
and naturally has many questions. Matthias Killing starts the conversation, and the whole room falls silent.

“Shirin, what feelings do you have sitting here today on such a stage?”

Shirin speaks candidly and honestly: “It’s easier to speak in front of my own community and make videos because this community
knows all the song lyrics, they sing along.” “And that’s something different from being live on stage with a new community.”
“She’s getting to know people in a new way now, and of course, that’s a different energy.”

“Shirin, you’re a phenomenon on social media, and you’re still nervous, aren’t you?”

“Extremely nervous, because behind the camera, it’s all very different from meeting people in real life.”
She even said with a smile, “I’m a bit of a YouTube nerd :)”. Since she films everything on a small screen, she doesn’t have
any “counter energy” and now she has to adjust to Matthias, who is sitting across from her.

“Your community has grown tremendously in the last 10 years, do you remember what your first video was?”

Her first video was with Simon Desue; he was one of the first YouTubers in Hamburg. They were two teenagers,
18/19 years old, having a lot of fun and filming typical videos like “What boys and girls really think, what should I wear today,
how should I do my makeup, about outfits, etc.”

“We were a wild group, and each had a different point of interest, and that’s how the videos were created.”
“A lot of young people could relate to that, and that didn’t exist before.” “There was nothing in the media landscape that was
so self-determined by young people.”

“Shirin: “You could just do what you wanted, and that’s still the case today – you’re the boss and can do whatever you want.”

“We were just a wild group back then, friendly with each other, until it turned into a business, and then things changed.”

“And do you still enjoy what you do?”

“Absolutely, I did breakdance this morning because I was so excited to be here today and because I am so grateful.”
“I really enjoyed it; the sun was so beautiful, I get to be here today, and I am so grateful that I can be here and speak today.”
“No matter what you do, be grateful for everything, that’s the essence!” ­čÖé


Interview Philipp Plein & Matthias Killing ÔÇĘ

Philipp Plein, the multimillionaire originally from Nuremberg. Watch the entire interview. Simply click on Plein.


Sophia Fl├Ârsch – Rennfahrerin


“Society still sees sports as predominantly for men,” Sophia remarks. “Few parents consider letting their daughters go karting.”

“I was fortunate enough to start at the age of 4,” she continues. “Before that, I was already into motocross;
that was the entry point.”

“So, she already had ‘petrol’ in her blood,” adds the interviewer.

“Fortunately, there are more women in motorsport now, but still very few compared to men,” Sophia notes. “My father was
the driving force, and I want to be able to contribute as a role model.” “To be honest, there’s no limit to the expenses in this sport,
and if you compete in European and World Championships throughout the year, it can cost up to ÔéČ250,000,” she explains.

“The sport is extremely expensive,” Sophia emphasizes, “so it’s not accessible to the masses.”

As a result, Sophia learned to gather sponsors and attract patrons at a young age. At just 12 years old, she was making calls
to companies that could potentially sponsor her.

“There were only a few deals, but her father coached her and let her handle sponsorship requests, showing her early
on that while this may be the most beautiful sport in the world, it also requires payment,” the interviewer elaborates.
“So, she learned early on what it means to earn money and deal with the sums involved in this sport.”

“At present, Sophia competes in Formula 4, with the goal of reaching Formula 1, which can only be achieved with sponsors.”

Since 2023, Deutsche Verm├Âgensberatung has been supporting Sophia on this journey.


Kevin-Prince Boateng

One of Germany’s most successful professional footballers

“A man of straightforward words.”

“But I’ve learned that sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut.” ­čÖé

“Originally, I didn’t want to become a football player, but rather an actor or singer.”

“You can sing?”

“I’ve released 2 songs – rap.” “But I was still better at playing football, so I became a footballer.”

“He started in his hometown of Berlin. He played almost continuously in the youth teams of Hertha BSC.
At 18 years old, he was already playing in the Bundesliga and UEFA Cup.” “Kevin-Prince Boateng also
played for Tottenham Hotspur, FC Portsmouth, AC Milan, FC Schalke 04, FC Barcelona, and Eintracht Frankfurt.”

“My highlight was at 16,
when Dieter Hoene├č stood at our door to hand me the contract,
and my mother said: ‘Take off your shoes.”

“Dieter Hoene├č

was the president of Hertha BSC at the time.”┬á ­čÖé

“Enjoy it and watch the whole story.” “Just click on the headline Boateng.”

Pamela Reif

Germany’s well-known fitness influencer

In an interview with Matthias Killing, she shared some interesting insights into her life. Pamela spilled the beans.

“My worst subject in school was sports.”

“It’s hard to believe because Pamela is super fit and now stands for fitness, fun, and healthy eating.”
“She has always been a good student, very disciplined as a child, not because someone expected it from her
or told her to, Pamela is just like that.” “She graduated from high school with a 1.0 GPA.”

“My parents never had to control me or force me to study, it came naturally.” “I’ve never had to
force myself to be disciplined.” “My parents support me, no matter what situation I’m in or what I need.”
“I’m ‘only’ 1.66 m tall and very slim, so often the clothes I get for photoshoots don’t fit me.” “Everything is too big
and too long.” “At night, my mother sits at the sewing machine and adjusts the clothes to fit my figure so that
the photoshoot can take place the next day and I can wear the dresses.”

“Pamela, you have a real nest, and I mean that in the best possible way – you have a lot of love and warmth from your family,
and a lot of down-to-earthiness.”

“My brother created a fitness bar with chai tea.” “I suggested that the bar should be produced
as a limited edition at first because I thought chai tea was a niche product and wouldn’t sell
all year round.” “I was pleasantly surprised by how well this bar sold, and of course, I brought some with me.”

“Pamela, you are a very successful young woman.” “You leave nothing to chance.” “Pamela still makes all decisions herself.”
“There’s no board of directors, etc.” “She’s the boss in the company, and there’s no one above her.”

“I want to be the one using my brains and making decisions, not just the woman in front
of the camera with blonde curls.” “I quickly learned that it’s not about other people’s careers, but my own.”
“And if someone works for you, they do it with the best intentions, but if something happens, maybe
something more important in this life, then you don’t matter at all, and you still have to figure everything out yourself.”

“In summary, they are a mega family, and it’s great to get to know you like this, because from the outside,
people think there’s a huge machine behind you, and it’s nice to see that it can also work like this.”

Andrea Ballschuh Video Coach

To watch the live performance, simply click on Ballschuh.

Andrea Ballschuh was on television for a long time with “Volle Kanne”. She’s now self-employed as a video coach
with her own studio in Mainz.

At the Founder Summit 2024, she talks about marketing and becoming visible. There are people who judge
others for what they do, and then it can happen that a shitstorm arises, and it’s important to handle it well.

The best marketing for your business – “think big” and ….. You can see Andrea Ballschuh’s entire performance by pressing the name Ballschuh….

Robin and his twin brother are CEOs of Entrepreneur University.

“Your Founder Summit is really amazing!” “Tell me, how do you actually get access to celebrities?”

“By now, it’s possible because we have a large network.” “But still, it’s always difficult to reach them.”
“As mentioned in the presentation, the “3 H’s Help” “polite persistence helps.”

“The contact should be made in an unconventional and original way because these people receive thousands of requests,
so standing out and being creative is definitely helpful.”

“Once you have the first big celebrities, it becomes a bit easier.” “Because those who were there eventually
become a reference.” “And then it’s like, he was there, and he was there – then I must also come.”
“Thankfully, it gets a bit easier over time.”

“What criteria do you use to select the celebrities?”

“We see ourselves as a platform, Entrepreneur University with the Founder Summit is a platform, so we select
the people our community wants or those who are currently trending.” “I myself don’t judge people much, and it’s not about me.”
“It’s about the people who are currently hyped in the market, apparently those who want to be seen by people.”
“We then invite these celebrities.”

“I didn’t mean evaluation; when you write your concept – do you wonder if they fit into it?”

“I always think it’s good when a person polarizes, when emotions are generated, then I’ve made a real booking as an organizer.”
“And even if someone sees a speaker and says, ‘Well, I don’t like him that much!'”
“That’s better than if the person says, ‘Whatever.'”

“As soon as emotions arise, it’s always positive.” “For me as an organizer, it’s always important to evoke emotions.”
“For me as an organizer, it’s always important to book people who create emotions.”
“The question then is, which person evokes which emotions!”

“You did something completely different before The Founder Summit; how did that evolve until you got here?”

“Originally, I was a football player, my second life. “Sounds relatively strange because I was relatively young when I played football.”
“But that was my life from an early age until my early 20s, and then the dream of becoming a professional footballer burst.”
And then I was in a crisis of purpose and finding phase, what do you do now? “I asked myself.”

“I quickly realized that I wanted to become an entrepreneur because I am a creative type who wants to bring ideas to life.”
“When I was sitting in this university lecture hall, I was studying in parallel, I realized that what I was learning at university
was not really helping me for the real life out there, or a large part of it.”
“So I thought it would be cool to create my own place where it’s about other topics, about the topics where the education
system leaves us a bit in the lurch or where we close the education gap.” “And that’s why I invite people who are successful
entrepreneurs, who have achieved great things in their industries.

“That was my own desire to do it that way.””I feel like the one who would want to sit in the front row and watch it myself.”
“Yes, and then the journey began.”

“Do your inspirations come during the events, or during certain periods of rest?” “Or from things where there is a certain
problem and then the creative solution comes?”

“Yes, two things help find ideas: First, of course, harshly analyzing things, what worked and what didn’t?”
“And you look at what didn’t work and try to do it better and then actively think about it, how could you do it better.”
“And secondly, the ideas come when the time is ripe.” “I trust the universe, when the time is right, the ideas come to you,
and then there are moments in the middle of the night.” “I can’t sleep, and I have a lot of ideas and I take out my phone and type
in a lot of ideas, and that comes very intuitively, but it’s not really predictable.” “Forcing ideas, difficult.”
“Absorbing many impulses and then they come up and eventually come out.”

“Dream Big” The Founder Summit has become much bigger compared to 2023. “What is your next big wish!”

“I would like to get the community more involved in the exchange, and it would be nice
if we didn’t just see each other once a year, but all had more exchange and connection with each other.”
“That’s why I launched this Founder Club today.” “The Founders Club is free – it’s about all of us supporting
and helping each other.” “That’s the next thing parallel to our summit here.”

“What was your biggest event, which deeply touched you in your life?”

“That’s running around behind me in this moment!”

“What touched me most in my life was when I was present at the birth of our son,
we had a somewhat complicated birth,my wife was in labor for 36 hours.” “She really had to go through a lot,
and in that moment, and the moment my son finally came,
I saw – what unconditional love is.” “The little one was laid on my wife’s chest, placed on her chest,
and she immediately forgot all pain and was instantly unconditionally in love with the little one.
I saw that in her eyes, and that was the most impactful experience I’ve ever witnessed.”

“It’s visible in every moment how happy you three are together.”

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