Susanne Panhans-Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023

75. Frankfurter Buchmesse 2023
"Susanne Panhans"

Susanne Panhans 2023 at the 75. Frankfurter Buchmesse


Susanne Panhans at the 2023 Frankfurt Book Fair

In 2023 of course, once again present at the Frankfurt Book Fair, showcasing my cookbook and presenting my online newspaper.

The topic of food intolerances spares no one. Whether a celebrity or not, everyone essentially faces the same issues with nutrition.
There are even some celebrities who cook with my cookbook.

It concerns us all, some more than others.

Often, it takes years for the affected individual, the doctor, or the individual’s environment to consider the possibility that various
intolerances might be the cause. The topic is extensive, affecting fertility, menopause – which often isn’t what it seems – and the
impacts of histamine and gluten on the body, leading to symptoms similar to those of menopause. Energy rapidly decreases,
constant fatigue sets in, peculiar eating habits emerge, weight gain follows, and then depression takes its course. Let’s be honest,
how much sunshine can be expected from someone who constantly feels unwell? It’s unspecific, irregular, hard to trace, and keeping
a food diary is not effective, as the side effects of histamine often manifest many days later.

Histamine is very “tricky.”

Histamine has many faces and can be found in various substances, from heating meter tubes, perfumes, colors, scents, food,
beverages, medicine, contrast agents, and more. Moreover, histamine is a “house-made” substance produced by our bodies,
adding an extra layer of complexity. The metabolism is already burdened and works slower, so the effect is often delayed.
It depends on what the person has eaten, how their days unfold, and how internal organs react to various daily stresses,
and we all know stress is bad.

Therefore, it is crucial to eat in a way that our bodies tolerate. Anything else, trying to force things, ultimately leaves us at a disadvantage
because our bodies eventually give up, and who suffers? Naturally, it’s us. So, “knowledge is power,” and if you know what to do and
how your diet should be, then a person is capable of achieving peak performance and can become a world and European champion
in their own discipline, just like I have become a multiple world and European champion, even receiving the silver laurel leaf from President
Johannes Rau, the highest sports award given by the Federal Republic of Germany. Visit for more.

My cookbook is available everywhere. “Food Intolerances – So what? We cook like champions!”

My online newspaper:

It covers news about celebrities, sports, culture, art, artists, fairs, exhibitions, and offers PR services.

Die is free, and PR services can be booked. Whether videography, photography, articles, reports, continuous
advertising spaces, PR features, product launches, product relaunches, announcements of sports events, competitions,
anniversaries, etc., all in one place.

Die Schlagzeile can also be read in English.

I hope you enjoy reading. The pictures are located under each report, and a gallery with pictures is also available in the menu;
the photos can be purchased. Please contact me via email or phone.

Warm regards, Yours sincerely, Susanne

Text and images are copyright by Susanne Panhans

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