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“Die Schlagzeile”

The centre for gripping texts and up-to-date reporting from person to person!

I am Susanne Panhans, the dedicated journalist and author who writes with passion and competence about you,

your company, your current and future events.

We turn your event into a headline

I offer you an comprehensive range of services.


Writing: Adevertising texts, Advertising, reports, press articles, PR features, books, product lounges, advertising, puplic relaions, and more.

Voice: Acoustic Acting, Dubbing, Voice Over, Trailer Voiceovers, Audiobooks and
Audio Dramas, Commercial Voiceovers (Dialogues, Presentations, Off/Claim)

Photography & Video: Capturing live moments-on-site-through photography & video: Sports, trade shows, events, exehibitions, entertainment, vernissages, business and research.

Learning: How to Write Good Texts. Individual lessons and on request.

Whether it is an engaging  advertisement, a detailed report, or a concise press article,
I am your point of contact.

I ensure targeted texts and publications in renowned online newspapers, helping your reach your target audience and etablish a comprehensive presence in the public eye.

Writing, photographing, speaking, video and publishing, all in one place.

Your journalist,

Susanne Panhans

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