Hubert Aiwanger

9. International Hunting and Shooting Days at Castle Grünau

“Germany’s largest outdoor fair for hunters and shooters”

The hunting lodge of the Wittelsbachs.”

The international fair by Hans Joachim Reich began with the “Jagen + Fischen” fair in Erding. Soon, the fair grew significantly
and was moved to Munich. Inspired by passionate hunters, the decision was made to launch a hunting fair. The fair started
at Residenz Ellingen, in collaboration with Carl Wrede.

Over time, the fair grew larger, and after a discussion with Prince Leopold of Bavaria, the head of the Adalbertinian line of the
House of Wittelsbach, and a former German racing driver, it continued to expand. Prince Leopold is a brand representative for
BMW and has his own fashion label, “Poldi.”

With 450 exhibitors, 3 exhibition days featuring renowned
companies, and over 30,000 guests, the Hunting and Shooting Fair

at Schloss Grünau attracted a diverse audience. The fair showcased everything related to hunting, from specialized outfits for the
hunt, including shoes, boots, and appropriate clothing for high stands, to a selection for children in various sizes.

The vehicles exhibited were equipped with the necessary power under the hood to ensure hunters could move safely on forest paths
and challenging terrains and transport the harvested game. Harvested game, such as a wild boar, can weigh between 70-100 kg (boar),
50-80 kg (sow), or 30-50 kg (young boar), depending on the habitat.

The fair also featured jewelry in hunting style, complementing the outfits. Beautiful hunting rifles were displayed, both traditionally
crafted with wooden stocks and in modern styles with carbon components. The emphasis on variety among exhibitors was evident,
recognizing the importance of families and the local environment as significant economic factors.

Hubert Aiwanger, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs

Is on-site. After his speech, the drones were supposed to be demonstrated, showcasing their excellent work in hunting and agriculture.
Animal welfare is a top priority and is easily manageable from the air. Drones can see everything and can be equipped with thermal cameras, making them equally suitable for human and animal searches.
However, it started raining heavily, making it impossible to demonstrate the drones. People flocked to the tent, accompanied by the brass band.
Mr. Aiwanger invited all the musicians to the stage, and it was a wonderful performance, creating an “indescribably beautiful” atmosphere in the tent.

Afterward, photos and interviews were conducted with Mr. Aiwanger.

He is very likable, Mr. Aiwanger. Photos can be seen in the gallery under this article. You can read the article about the interview in the next section.

Birds of prey show by falconer Dravci Zaleš

Dravci moderated the presentation of his birds of prey with great expertise and charm. Dravci has been an expert in birds of prey for 33 years
and loves his job and the extraordinary animals.

“Virginia” the eagle owl is 6.5 years old, “Kiera” is 7 years old, “Xisa” is 6.5 years old. The youngest is “Mia,” a red-tailed hawk at 5 months, who is currently learning
how a birds of prey show works. Or should… That’s what “Marie,” Europe’s largest sea eagle, 24 years old, 4.8 kg in weight, demonstrated in her own humorous way on Friday.
She then flew to a large tree during the show, perched there, and observed the show from above.

She came back to Dravci some time later, after the show, flew to him, perched on his arm, and clearly enjoyed it.

Birds of prey should not be petted, as there is an oil gland on the birds’ heads, and during preening, it is used to oil the feathers,
making the bird “water-repellent,” and rain simply beads off. Otherwise, the bird could no longer fly, and drying
the feathers becomes problematic.

Large birds of prey catch their prey with their talons; they have longer legs and keep the struggling prey away from their bodies.
They are large, powerful, and very impressive. Smaller birds, on the other hand, catch their prey with their beaks.

See the pictures in the gallery below the article.

Hunting and firearm jewelry

Offered by the goldsmith couple. The outstanding craftsmanship and design appeal not only to hunters. Firearm jewelry is to be taken literally.
The processing is elaborate, the pieces of jewelry and the jewelry for the firearms are precious. Not only diamonds, gold, and silver are used,
but also other metals. Unique ideas are on display here and invite you to shop.

Wild Stil

The design of an Austrian company, Wild Stil, is also wild. Christina Schreiber and her partner sell small 3D concrete figures,
created using a 3D printer, making unique jewelry that complements dirndls. T-shirts, sweaters, and caps are also part
of the range.

The grill does it

Raid and his colleague present their outstanding grill. How can you resist it? You can’t, because it looks so great, and not only
does it smell delicious, it tastes good too. The pineapple and white cabbage hang on strings on the side of the grill embers; this heat is sufficient to gently cook the food
with a smoky flavor. The prime ribs of beef and pork belly are slightly inclined and are grilled, so to speak, while “standing.”

Be surprised. Asamodo makes it possible.

Gunsmith Niedermeier

Mr. Tüllmann became the 3rd German champion in Munich, Hochbrück – Olympia shooting range. Quality stands out here.
Tüllmann’s talent secured him the title at the Bavarian Championship and followed up with
3rd place in skeet at the German Championships. Tüllmann works at Niedermeier’s gunsmith shop.

Rax shoe store ensures warm feet

This shoe store has been family-owned for many years. The shoes are of excellent quality; customers who bought shoes 10 years ago still appreciate
their beautiful RAX shoes today.

Safety of non-military shooting ranges

Mr. Werner J. Wagner is an expert on the safety of non-military shooting ranges; he gives lectures at the Hunting and Shooting Days
at Schloss Grünau.

Des Zamperl in der Tasch’n

Hubert from Huberttuloden has developed the bag for Zamperl. Stylish
made of loden, finely crafted, and suitable for the sensitive dog nose. A practical
backpack or shoulder bag makes it easy to transport your dog through
rough terrain, and the trip to the vet becomes much more pleasant for your dog.
The soft and cuddly loden bag gives your dog, close to the body of mom and dad, the security he needs on the way to the vet.

Nothing without coffee

It smells of coffee, and it comes from Jochen’s little coffee cart.
Jochen lives on Lake Ammersee and was repeatedly asked by guests strolling around the lake:
“Isn’t there anything to drink or coffee and cake here?”
So Jochen had his thoughts. He had seen something like this in Berlin before
and now he operates with his little black Arpe a mobile coffee stand.
Colleague Sedelmeyer invited him on short notice to join him at his booth during the Hunting and Shooting Days
at Schloss Grünau to serve the guests
delicious coffee.

Becker’s hunting functional clothing

For more than 30 years, Becker has been the expert for hunting functional clothing. Whether you’re just looking for a new jacket for the hide,
or the warm pants to go with it, at Becker’s, you get everything. Warm underwear was also useful on Sunday at the Hunting and Shooting Days.
Exhibitors with clothing on the fairgrounds could rejoice in the increasing turnover.

Krieghoff – Hunting weapons, sporting shotguns, engravings

Krieghoff not only has Germany’s largest bluing bath but also great
and successful shooters who have won 11 gold medals at the German Championships.

In total, the shooters from the Krieghoff company won 11 gold, 4 silver
and 4 bronze medals.

The rifles built by Krieghoff are equipped with wooden stocks and high-quality, intricate engravings.

Marxheimer Alphornbläser

They play their alphorns on various occasions. This weekend, they were present at the international Hunting and Shooting Days.

It is fascinating how beautiful such an alphorn sounds. You need a strong diaphragm and a lot of air. “Then the sounds are set in motion with the lips, and that produces the tones.” “Such an alphorn costs between €2,000 – €5,000.”

Depending on whether it is a handcrafted piece or machine-made. The group has been playing their alphorns for about 4 years, but they are all brass musicians, and that for four decades. They are a well-coordinated team and elicit wonderful sounds from the alphorns.

The international Hunting and Shooting Days were a very excellent and interesting fair.

Warm regards, Susanne

Text and Pictures, Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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