Bavarian Championships World Innovations in Munich 2023


“How do I make shooting attractive and visualize the target path on a system?”

The answer to that comes from Ewald Etgeton.

The TAP-1 System: A cartridge that everyone using air pressure for shooting must replace.

Ewald Etgeton shortened the tank, reduced weight, and increased space. This is how the TAP-1 System was created and installed. It involves a wireless transmission to the WLAN router, and it displays the target path.

His goal was to design the carbon cartridge in a way that the shooter can continue to enjoy all existing static advantages. This cartridge was shortened in the interior, and a cartridge-in-cartridge interchangeable system for target analysis, equipped with WLAN and a camera, was integrated into one system. The TAP-1 is compatible with other shooting systems, so you don’t need to change your firearm or electronic shooting system. Purchasing the cartridge with the system is sufficient. Bavarian The system also calibrates; this means that when the shooter is in the aiming process, the system records the target path on the screen. When the shooter then fires, the system calibrates everything recorded into one, namely the last target path. This makes it possible to show the target path to shooters, trainers, and an audience, and to conduct precise analyses.

Ewald Etgeton was the first person who could measure projectiles using light; he built the Meyton System. The MEYTON system has a measuring frame with several specially arranged infrared light barriers. These measure the target position of projectiles of any caliber as they pass through without contact, with an accuracy of 1/10 mm.

Ewald Etgeton has shown a new way in shooting sports, aiming to perfect his joy and experience in the TAP-1, and he looks forward to your visit.

Of course, the Meyton company will be present at the Bavarian German Championship 2023, from August 17th to 27th, 2023, at the Munich Olympic Shooting Range, and they look forward to your visit.

ANSCHÜTZ Becoming One with Simplicity

From 1856 to 1945, ANSCHÜTZ was located in Zella-Mehlis and started in the 1950s in the Donautal valley, achieving great success with the Match 54. Currently, ANSCHÜTZ is run in the 6th generation. ANSCHÜTZ sport rifles have a strong presence in winter sports, biathlon, sports shooting, hunting, Olympic disciplines, and lightweight rifles for introducing children to shooting. Benjamin Wirthgen supervises the biathletes and is always present at competitions.


Precision is not a new concept for ANSCHÜTZ. At the Bavarian German Championship, the new .22 caliber rifle model, 22 MAX, was showcased, and Dennis Welsch immediately secured the German Championship title with it.

PRS Shooting, Precision Rifle Shooting: For this, ANSCHÜTZ has been offering specialized rifles since the middle of the year, suitable for long-range shooting, with distances of up to 1000 meters.

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on hunting due to the pandemic, as hunting was allowed even during the pandemic.

From beginners to top-level products, ANSCHÜTZ can meet all needs of sports shooters. However, compromise on quality is not an option, as customer expectations are high. On-site services are subsidized by ANSCHÜTZ for youth, junior, and precision shooting. Bavarian Higher qualified athletes are supported on-site by Benjamin Wirthgen and the ANSCHÜTZ team, especially when participating in World Cups.

There is also a significant market for hunting in America. Small-caliber hunting rifles are used to shoot ground squirrels. These squirrels cause significant damage to agriculture during irrigation and are hunted accordingly. About 900 animals are taken down daily using .17HMR and .22lfB rifles.

ANSCHÜTZ manufactures barrels in-house, and most of the assembly takes place in Ulm. Casings are milled in-house, prototype stocks are built, and only standard parts are outsourced. In biathlon, the first 3D match stocks were produced using a 3D printer, weighing only 3.5 kg. The lightweight rifle for youth weighs a mere 2.5 kg, catering to young shooters. Youth development is a key focus, and ANSCHÜTZ is highly dedicated to its progression. Bavarian The company attends youth events and provides support. Quick on-site check-ups of sport rifles are offered as a service during these events.

The Match department is excited about a new .22 caliber model, the Model 22 MAX. This rifle features a unique bolt system and is ergonomically designed for shooting sports. It ensures minimal movement for the shooter, even during loading. The bolt system is very short and works differently from repeaters; it has a short bolt that only needs to be rotated using the wrist. This new bolt-cap system is a world-first in the shooting sports market and has multiple patents pending. The ANSCHÜTZ development team continuously works on improving ergonomics.

Maximilian ANSCHÜTZ has invested heavily in upgrading the machinery, such as barrel production, and aims to remain at the forefront.

Benjamin has been with ANSCHÜTZ for 21 years, accompanying and supporting many athletes up to the Olympics. ANSCHÜTZ has several gunsmiths, comprising about 5% of the workforce. The company is intensifying its training efforts, Bavarian  conducting in-house training for professions like toolmakers and industrial mechanics. However, they can’t offer gunsmith training due to the absence of a wood department. Bavarian Apprentices are usually retained after their training, often at a 100% employment rate. The training is excellent, with apprentices engaging in more interesting tasks in the latter part of their training, particularly in problem-solving. Korvin, in his early twenties, is a sports shooter who attends events on weekends, bringing products to the market. He also occasionally participates in sports exhibitions, which he finds very enjoyable. Benjamin delivers expert lectures and courses, such as at the University of Neu-Ulm, bringing mechanical engineering professionals closer to firearm technology Bavarian . Lecturers from ANSCHÜTZ, Heckler & Koch, Blaser, Krieghoff, Walther, and others are provided for this purpose. Benjamin is also a lecturer at the gunsmith school in Suhl.

Of course, ANSCHÜTZ will be present at the Bavarian German Championship 2023, from August 17th to 27th, 2023, at the Munich Olympic Shooting Range, and as always, the ANSCHÜTZ family and team are ready to assist you.

All Text & Pictures Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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