BioArt Campus Seeham

BioArt 1. Campus in Seeham-Austria

BioArt 1. Campus in Seeham, Austria with Organic Chocolate

Robert Rosenstatter tells his guests that there is a tremendous density of organic farming in Austria. 30% of it is in Austria,
with Salzburg making up 60%, and if you narrow it down towards Seeham, then we’re already at 80%.

Robert announces this with pride because he and his family have created a very special place here.

It’s not just the campus, there’s also a small family-run hotel, which is just a few minutes’ walk away.

“Right where we are, that’s where it’s all happening,” says Robert. “You just have to look out the window, and normally,
the organic grass-fed cows are grazing there.” It has always been a desire, a vision, to create a place where people
can experience organic living. A place where you can arrive, where a beacon has been created, where you come
in and many organic fighters come together—making them strong together again.

That has been achieved here at the BioArt Campus in Seeham.

“We started with the BioArt Campus years ago, my father is a pioneer from the very beginning.”
The Hay Queen is here today, as is Keil Franz, Mühlbacher Helmut, and several others. We live this idea here in Seeham
very particularly, and there’s no other way. “We have to stick together to create something bigger.”

This house here is also a symbol of the character of organic farming and sustainability. If you look towards society,
several families joined forces a long time ago to make it financially viable, as well as in the municipality, where great
importance is also placed on making all this possible.

In the organic hay region, there are 300 organic farmers from 27 municipalities who are driving forward this idea and
shaping this cultural landscape. It’s even more beautiful that we were able to implement this here in Seeham and create
a place where we can showcase and present these things in the right and dignified manner.

We have created a wonderful experiential landscape on the ground floor, which Thomas Walter and Margot
have filled with a biological shop with over 5000 organic items. That’s already very impressive for a community of 2000 souls.

The Pleasure Craftsmen.

They also fuel this in a very special way. The Salzburg Oil Mill and wherever you can look through generous glass fronts,
the visitor is practically present during production. Mr. Farthofer Josef from Lower Austria has an excellent gin distillery
and is a whisky distiller. Josef was immediately “hooked” and
excited about the project. He wanted to be part of it and immediately moved in with us.

For the tea topic, we have the company Bioteaque in the house. We have a spread factory in the house that produces
sweet spreads from organic hay milk. We have a natural coffee, a coffee roastery, and the Tina Tagwerkes, who
implement the sweet things, which are then sold in the organic shop or in gastronomy. In the midset of it all is the BioArt
Pleasure Workshop, where new product developments take place. There, we also offer cooking classes and a cooking school.
Together with this space, we are, so to speak, a BioArt think tank. This space is not located in the general company area,
but we can also rent this space to external companies.

This space is gladly accepted by large companies, usually with a nice incentive in the Pleasure Workshop in the form of a
cooking class or training, something with chocolate or other events.

The campus is very tastefully furnished, the rooms are flooded with light. Green plants and beautiful decorations adorn
the workspaces and corridors. When people move from one area to another, the designof the corridors is generous,
so that people can feel very comfortable here and there is always free space for creativity and movement. The design
of the sales rooms is clear, the items are beautifully arranged, and the customer can easily find their way around,
pleasing to the eye. Shopping with pleasure and for body and soul.

The campus has a large and creative range of yoga, software programming, T-shirt printing, foiling, painting and art,
coaching, an in-house, energy consulting, T3 cakes, and several more.

It’s always worth a visit, so treat yourself to a nice weekend in Seeham, from the hotel to the campus in a 5-minute walk.

Warm regards, Susanne Panhans

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