Biofach Trade Fair 2022 in Nuremberg „Simply without Gluten & Co. Biofach Messe for the first time with intolerances in the exhibition.

“Simply without Gluten & Co.” exhibited for the first time at the Biofach Fair in Nuremberg.

Every day, they cooked fresh dishes from the cookbook “Food Intolerances – So What? We Cook Like Champions!” and served them for sampling. Their homemade muffins were also available for visitors to try.

The fair was a great success, and fellow exhibitors, who had become good acquaintances by then, were thrilled for them.

Their motto was “Cook healthy and get back in shape!” but they emphasized that there were no promises of a cure. However, they assured visitors that following their guidance would fill their lives with ease, vitality, and energy. They explained that when the body faces “difficulties,” it is a loud call for help, indicating that it has been intolerant to certain foods for years, and it can no longer compensate or tolerate them.

The exhibitor addressed common questions about cooking with intolerances, what foods can still be consumed, considerations in restaurants, traveling, and camping with intolerances, among other topics. They acknowledged that the realm of food intolerances could be overwhelming for many, and people may feel lost in understanding the connections between different intolerances and what to avoid or eat.

At the Biofach Fair 2022, the “Einfach ohne Gluten & Co.” presentations filled up quickly, with enthusiastic and interested audiences eagerly listening. After the talks, the exhibitor answered questions, generating a lively discussion. They were able to surprise the attendees with information about how even a small item like a fluid-filled tube attached to a heating system could become an issue for people with histamine intolerance.

The exhibitor was passionate about helping people and shedding light on the complexities of food intolerances. They believed that better food leads to a better life and ultimately a happier person.

They encouraged attendees to book their individual presentations, coaching, or nutrition consultations, emphasizing that they were willing to visit companies to share valuable health knowledge with employees. They strongly believed that a healthy person is naturally a happier person from the outset.

Contact: Tel: 0174 – 32 91 442

 All Texts and Pictures: Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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