Kinder im Schießsport

Children in Shooting Sports = Super Students
German Championships - Olympia-Schießanlage München 2023


The Science has found,

That children who engage in shooting sports are always successful students. It not only brings fun but also teaches
your child discipline, concentration, mindfulness, respectful interaction with others, and, of course, handling sports equipment.

Concentration is the most crucial aspect in school, studies, and professional life. If your child struggles to learn and cannot sit calmly
behind the books, it is not only challenging for your child but also for you as parents.

This is how you can enthusiastically teach your child these essential qualities and provide them with a real benefit for life.

2nd German Champion Maximilian Ostmann of the Leye
in the Junior Class of 2023.

Clay pigeon shooting is allowed from the age of 14, and here too, the exception confirms the rule. Maximilian was born in February 2011
and shoots with the SSC Schale. After his parents waited for a year for an exemption under § 27 (4) of the Weapons Act (WaffG),
Maximilian has been actively shooting since September 2022.

He started with a caliber 36 and switched to a caliber 20 Beretta on his 12th birthday. It’s a pleasure to watch Maximilian shoot.
It’s incredible how calmly Maximilian moves in the field and works with great composure during shooting.

Since then, Maximilian has regularly participated in competitions and has qualified for his first German Championship.
We congratulate Maximilian warmly and wish him continued success!

Success vindicates his parents. They, along with their 9-year-old daughter, are among the spectators, cheering for their “Mäxchen.”
It’s a family event.

2nd German Champion Celina Holzner in the Junior Class of 2023.

Celina is 13 years old and secured 2nd place at the German Championship 2023 in the Air Pistol discipline with 347 points.
Celina has been shooting air pistol and air pistol dueling for a year now. She has been in the association squad for a year.
Squad training takes place once a month. When I ask Celina what such training is like, she says, “We practice Lupi (air pistol)
MLP, using training and competition targets. There are shooting games like ‘Fox Hunt’ and ‘Garden Fence.’ And it’s a lot of fun!”

The training program includes shared lunches and dinners, coordination and strength training, as well as concentration and posture
exercises. As a recreational sport, Celina enjoys jogging, swimming, and bowling.

The coach is creative in keeping the young shooters engaged, making training always varied and interesting. The juniors
are assigned homework, which the coach checks four weeks later. Jürgen Weidmann, the coach, says, “I can tell when one of my students
hasn’t done their homework.”

The age groups are divided as follows: 5 – 10 years are in the Schüler (students) category,
11 – 16 are Schüler (junior students), up to 18 are Jugendliche (youth), and over 18, they become Junioren (juniors).

Celina particularly enjoys the trips to Suhl, Freimd, and Hannover for the association youth competitions and the Pistol Team Cup.
Coach Jürgen Weidmann proudly says, “It’s a pleasure for me to promote and teach such talented athletes. It’s a great team.”

We congratulate you warmly and wish you continued success!

TEC – HRO has produced this lightweight rifle: Unique and Featherlight

It was thought about, refined, and tinkered with until it was finally ready – the light rifle for children aged 8 and above has been built
and brought to the market.

The light rifle that grows with you.

The light point system from TEC – HRO, in combination with the technology from Anschütz and Feinwerkbau, has achieved a perfect
combination. The light point shooting has been well received and accepted by the German Shooting Sports Federation (DSB).
This light point rifle meets the requirements of the German Shooting Sports Federation and its rules.

The stock has been meticulously designed and weighs only 2.5 kg. Children from 8 to 12 years old can use it, and the stock effortlessly
adapts to your child’s needs, just like an adult rifle. The cheek height and side of the stock are adjustable, and the stock length
and grip are anatomically shaped. The grip can be adjusted longitudinally and swiveled. This light rifle is the lightest on the market
yet highly versatile in its adjustments. Children can now keep up with the “bigger ones” and learn concentration and stamina in a fun and easy way.

Shooting sports promote creativity, speed, coordination, dexterity, and concentration in children, and they are introduced to shooting sports
in a playful manner while also catering to their urge for movement at this age.

The DSB also wishes for more children to join. Air rifle shooting is allowed from the age of 12. Special permits are possible; please contact a shooting club or the relevant authority in your city. Air rifle shooting is allowed from the age of 12.

German Shooting Championships 2023 August 17th to 27th, 2023, in Munich-Hochbrück

Trap Shotgun Junior Children Individual

1 5653 Riehmann, Karla TH FV SSZ Suhl Score: 66

2 5654 John, Henry TH FV SSZ Suhl Score: 62

3 5647 Reichardt, Hermine BR Priv.SchGi zu Wittstock. Score: 56

Skeet Shotgun Junior Children Individual

1 Wenzel Tobias, SSC Schale Score: 70

2 Ostmann von der Leye Maximilian, SSC Schale Score: 67

3 Schnieders Mathis, SSC Schale Score: 67

Team Result 3.10.40 Trap Shotgun Juniors I

1 BR SchGi Frankfurt (Oder) M.I. 342 Hits 2312 Wundersee, Leo 112 2313 Judek, Paul 118 2314 Wolf, Leonard 112

2 TH FV SSZ Suhl 324 Hits 2324 Andres, Jan 105 2325 John, Marius 120 2326 Ortlepp, Max 99

3 BL Schützenclub Diana 324 Hits 5661 Kleihues, Floris 109 5660 Schertler, Dustin 109 5662 Teuber, Benedikt 106

Individual Result 3.10.41 | Trap Shotgun Juniors I German Record: 123

1 2325 John, Marius TH FV SSZ Suhl Score: 120

2 5657 Winkler, Richard Ingo SC SV Bärensäule-Weidenhain Score: 113

3 2312 Wundersee, Leo BR SchGi Frankfurt (Oder) M.I. Score: 112

Individual Result 3.10.42 | Trap Shotgun Juniors II German Record: 119

1 2315 Racko, Lucas Nico BR Priv.SchGi zu Wittstock M.II. Score: 121 New German Record

2 5664 Engeln, Leon Alexander ST SV Rippachtal Score: 120

3 2313 Judek, Paul BR, SchGi Frankfurt (Oder) M.I.  118 Score

Ergebnisliste Einzel 3.10.43 | Flinte Trap Juniorinnen II 

1 2367 Blank, Lea BY FSG Isen  113 Score

2 2270 Gramowski, Romy MV Polizeischützenverein Grimmen 109 Score

3 5683 Reschke, Lilou Ande BR Priv.SchGi zu Wittstock 101 Score

Ergebnisliste Mannschaft 3.12.40 | Team Mix Trap Junioren

1 MV Polizeischützenverein Grimmen 135 Treffern
2270 Gramowski, Romy 66
2362 Schmidt, Tim-Luka 69

2 BR Priv. SchGi zu Wittstock 125 Treffern
2360 Rackow, Lukas Nico 71
2361 Reschke, Lilou Ande 54

3 BY SG Hubertus Haidlfing 124 Treffern
2367 Blank, Lea 64
2368 Schwarzländer, Nico 60

Text und Pictures Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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