Friendly Match-Nuremberg-Krakau City partnership 2024. Picture Susanne Panhans

Friendly Match Nuremberg-Krakow.
City partnership

Friendly Match Nuremberg-Krakow.

City partnership 2024


On May 21, 2024, Mrs. Maja Greta, City Councilor of Nuremberg, welcomed the students from Krakow involved
in the city partnership on behalf of Lord Mayor Marcus König.

The city partnership between Nuremberg and Krakow, established in 1979, is one of the first German-Polish
partnerships, and in 2024 we celebrate its 45th anniversary.

This partnership developed splendidly despite the division of Europe at the time, as our history brought us together
much earlier through numerous cultural contacts.

Today, the numerous connections are very impressive. Thanks to this, we have many activities that bring the partnership
to life, especially through the partnership houses and the very active connections between artistic circles in Nuremberg
and Krakow.

The number of connections today is truly impressive. We are celebrating the city partnership today with institutions
such as the Nuremberg Student Union and the AGH University of Science and Technology. This relationship began
in the 1980s with the aim of European cooperation and promoting exchange, a goal that remains relevant to this day.


In the first eight years, the focus was on artistic and cultural exchange. There were ballet performances
and various artist groups from Erlangen that visited Krakow, participating in public performances as part of the exchange.

Today, regular sports exchanges between the volleyball teams of FAU and AGH are very prominent.

In every sports exchange, it is important to us that Krakow’s students, when they are here in Nuremberg,
get to know the city. The main goal of the city partnership is to break down prejudices and barriers and,
of course, to build friendships that extend across borders.

I hope that during the three days you will spend here, besides the professional exchange, you will have
plenty of opportunities to get to know the city. This is what has united this friendship for 45 years,
and we are proud to further deepen these stable and lively friendships. We warmly welcome you
to our beautiful city of Nuremberg.

The volleyball teams of FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg and AZS-AGH Krakow have had some excellent and very fast-paced matches,
showcasing the best of the sport.

The athletes’ jumping power is impressive, and their motivation is very high. The women’s team matched the men’s performance,
landing several powerful shots in the opponent’s court. The matches were very close for both teams, with just a 2-point difference
for both the women and the men.

The Krakow team was very sharp and even brought their own cheerleading team. The cheerleaders energized their team with various
choreographed routines. The atmosphere was fantastic, with everyone having a lot of fun and sharing many laughs.

After the games, both teams joined Professor Dańko for a barbecue, and they celebrated the birthday of Sina Marie,
the group leader of Communication & Social Services at the Erlangen-Nuremberg Student Union, in a cozy setting.
Visiting the Bergkirchweih festival is a must when guests from Krakow are in Nuremberg, especially during the 269th Erlangen Bergkirchweih.
This event is a highlight, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Sina Marie also mentioned that language games, energizers, and icebreakers would be great additions.
These aren’t cool drinks, but games that break the ice, motivate, and enhance language skills. Learning and deepening
foreign language knowledge is important, and this could be a very effective way to achieve that.

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All images and texts are copyrighted by Susanne Panhans.

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