German National Team

German National Team wins 61 Medals!

German National Team
With outstanding performances, the German National Team is returning home. Their team manager, Thomas Klaner, is very proud and overjoyed.

They have won a total of 61 medals, including 27 gold medals 15 individual and 12 team, 17 silver medals 12 individual and 5 team, and 17 bronze medals 12 individual and 5 team. 

This result is exceptional, and we congratulate all the shooters heartily for their magnificent achievements. 

The muzzleloader shooters are something very special and always highly motivated. Their motto is “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and they make things fit if they don’t initially match. With this mindset, the German National Team heads to their international competitions. They support each other, and trust is of utmost importance. If there’s an issue, they solve it, sometimes even with the help of other nations. The camaraderie is fantastic, and friendships among the different nations are best described as “simply wonderful.” 

The weather showed a side that nobody had expected. Wind speeds of 20 meters per second, shooting targets soaked from rain, making transportation and evaluation difficult. Wind gusts at the 100m range for the women’s event posed a real challenge for prone shooting in German National Team. The shooters were not only tested in terms of nerves but also had to keep their rifles steady under such conditions. During the competition of German National Team, the wind blew so strongly that the supervisors were bundled up while performing their duties. It wasn’t easy; competitions had to be frequently interrupted as the targets became invisible due to heavy rainfall. Shortly afterward, bright sunshine appeared on the targets, posing a significant challenge for the eyes. Everyone was pushed to the limit by the extreme weather conditions.

Thomas Klaner is overjoyed and very proud of his German National Team, as is their coach, Thomas Baumhakl.

Here are the results in various disciplines:

  • Colt: Gold – Bernd Schönborn, Silver – Holdener Andreas (Switzerland), Bronze – Markus Wörnle.
  • ADAMS: Gold – France, Silver – Germany, Bronze – Belgium.
  • Tanzutsu – Original: Gold – Chardonaise Francois (Switzerland), Silver – Josef Formann (Czech Republic), Bronze – Robert Zipperer – Deutschland.
  • Kunitomo: Gold – Slovakia, Silver – Austria, Bronze – Germany.
  • Tanzutsu – Replica: Gold – Ernst Stefan (Slovakia), Silver – Cores Almar Juana (Spain), Bronze – Robert Szuppin (Austria).
  • Vetterli Replica Youth: Gold – Kilian Fichtl, Silver – Martin Zurek (Czech Republic), Bronze – Celeste Fleury Bouge (France).
  • Vetterli Replica: Gold – Michael Sturm, Silver – Maeva Moelo (France), Bronze – Miruslav Malus (Czech Republic).
  • Vetterli Original: Gold – Andreas Wimmer, Silver – Johan Karlsson (Sweden), Bronze – Kilian Fichtl – Deutschland.
  • Team Pforzheim: Gold – Germany, Silver – France, Bronze – Poland.
  • Tanegashima – Original: Gold – Leo Mertens (Netherlands), Silver – Leonhard Josef Brader, Bronze – Lars Arvidsson (Netherlands).
  • Nobunaga: Gold – Sweden, Silver – German National Team, Bronze – Austria.
  • Miquelet O: Gold – Rudolf Matschke, Silver – Johan Karlsson (Sweden), Bronze – Dagfinn Torp (Norway).
  • HALIKKO: Gold – Germany, Silver – Spain, Bronze – Austria.
  • Miquelet Replica: Gold – Hans Peter Rufenacht (Switzerland), Silver – Lihavainer Timo Naatanen (Finland), Bronze – Peter Käpernick – Deutschland.
  • Kuchenreuter Original: Gold – Matthias Plöscher, Silver – Robert Zipperer, Bronze – Bernd Schönborn – Deutschland.
  • Pennsylvannia – Replica: Gold – Michael Sturm, Silver – Maeva Moelo (France), Bronze – Andreas Wimmer – Deutschland.
  • Mariette Youth: Gold – Tobias Eckerstorfer (Austria).
  • Steinschloßgewehr Maximilian Original: Gold – Johan Karlsson (Sweden), Silver – Hans Peter Rufenacht (Switzerland), Bronze – Roland Juranek – Deutschland.
  • Maximilian Replica: Gold – Antonio José Saenz Delgado (Spain), Silver – Reiner Holla, Bronze – Leonhard Josef Brader – Deutschland.
  • Amazones: Gold – France, Silver – Poland, Bronze – Germany.
  • Walkyrie Original: Gold – Helen Harper (UK), Silver – Inge Grad (Switzerland), Bronze – San Jose Nunci Rodriguez (Spain).
  • Walkyrie Replica: Gold – Alix Barraud (France), Silver – Louise Van Greuen (Switzerland), Bronze – Anais Terpoorter, 4. Tanja Eichert – German National Team, 5. Makysm Zukow – Polen.
  • Mariette: Gold – Philippe Journet (France), Silver – Calabuig Selles (Spain), Bronze – Cyrille Bauer, 4. Bernd Schönborn – Germany, 5. Jean Luc Miquerol – France.
  • Hizadai Original: Gold – Johan Karlsson (Sweden), Silver – Andreas Mosch (Switzerland), Bronze – Garetz Callan (UK), 4. Elen Smith Harper – UK, 5. Jean Luc Miquerol – France.
  • Hizadai Replica: Gold – Michael Sturm, Silver – Hans Peter Rufenacht – Swiss. Bronze – Miroslav Malus (Czech Republic). 4. Herbert Grad – Swiss, 5. Peter Käpernick.
  • Donald Malson Replica: Gold – Stefano Caruso (Italy), Silver – Patrick Meyer, Bronze – Joao Por Costa (Portugal). 4. Lucas Müller – Germany, 5. Bernd Schönborn – Germany.
  • Minie Replica: Gold – San José Ana Isabel Martinez (Spain), Silver – Reiner Holla – Germany, Bronze – Hans Peter Rufenacht -Swiss, 4. Andreas Hogl –  Österreich, 5. Tanja Eichert – Germany.
  • Magenta: Gold – Germany, Silver – Austria, Bronze – Hungary.
  • Minie Original: Gold – Peter Käpernick, – German National Team,  Silver – Laurent Guioullier (France), Bronze – Emillio Vellagas Barquin (Spain). 4. Roland Frei, 5. Mathieu Ducellier – France
  • Whitworth Original: Gold – Helen Smith Harper (UK), Silver – Chris Goed (Netherlands), Bronze – Paul Wolpe.
  • Whitworth Replica: Gold – Kilian Fichtl, Silver – Leonhard Josef Brader, Bronze – Noel Risch (France).
  • Whitworth Youth: Gold – Kilian Fichtl, Silver – Jenny Mosch (Switzerland), Bronze – Lily Rentet (France).
  • Lamarmora Original: Gold – Miguel Diaz Colmenares (Spain), Silver – Johan Karlsson (Sweden), Bronze – Peter Käpernick – Germany.
  • Comminazzo Original: Gold – Andreas Holdener (Switzerland), Silver – Rubio Javier Frau (Spain), Bronze – Rudolf Nemec (Slovakia).
  • Comminazzo Replica: Gold – Vladimir Karel (Slovakia), Silver – Steffen Tuchscheerer, Bronze – Rudolph Lambert (Belgium).
  • Lornenz Replica: Gold – Julia Molla Robert Santiago (Spain), Silver Jean Yves France, Bronze – Nap Bollemeier – Nederlands, 4. Juan Luis Escriva Martin (Spain) 
  • Gastinne Renette Original: Gold – Antony Dupont – France, Silver – Andresas Holdener – Swiss, Bronze – Philippe Journet – France, 4. Matthias Plöscher. 5. Bruno Reber  – Swiss. 
  • Gastinne Renett Replica: Gold – Mathieu Perie – France, Silver – Andreas Wimmer – Germany, Bronze – Andreas Stock, 4. Maksym Zukow, 5. Josef Forman. For additional results, you can visit fftir – France:

All Text and Pictures Copyright by Susanne Panhans

German National Team
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