Hubert Aiwanger

Hubert Aiwanger bei 9. internationalen Jagd- und Schützen Tagen in Schloss Grünau

Hubert Aiwanger

At Germany’s largest outdoor fair for hunters and shooters at the hunting lodge of the Wittelsbachs, in Schloss Grünau
Neuburg an der Donau near Ingolstadt, I meet the Deputy Bavarian Prime Minister and Minister of Economic Affairs,
Mr. Hubert Aiwanger.

When asked if Mr. Aiwanger himself is a shooter, he tells me that he has been a hunter since 1990. “His grandfather and
father were also hunters, and he has always been involved since he was a child.” “Hunting has always fascinated him.”

I saw Mr. Aiwanger at the Oktoberfest in the shooting tent and heard his speech. I want to know how the topic of gun law
and shooting can be implemented. Mr. Aiwanger: “No change in gun law.” “Formation of associations is the direction.”
“The people who practice shooting sports are in clubs.” “And that should and must be said over and over again.”
“It should be brought up, over and over again.” “People should not have to accept this; people should be able to defend
themselves and declare their passion and hobby at any time.”

It’s not that people wouldn’t go hunting; rather, it’s a millennia-old role that hunting plays in society. We need to create more
enthusiasm and explain its significance again.

And the “for” and the desires of gun owners are too small; it cannot be that people no longer go hunting, or the sports shooter
cannot pursue their hobby. These people are in clubs. Thankfully, there are more young hunters and young shooters again who
join a club, and that’s a good thing.

Warm regards, Susanne

Texts and Images – Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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