Länderspiel Deutschland-Ukraine. Bernd Neuendorf-Andriy Shevchenko-Marcus König-Unterschriften im Nürnberger Rathaus

International Match Germany-Ukraine
Max-Morlock-Stadion 2024

International match Germany-Ukraine

 Max-Morlock-Stadion 2024

Mayor Marcus König

Mayor Marcus König gives his very warm and welcoming speech to greet the delegations of the DFB and Ukraine.

“We have prepared the best room in the town hall for you; it is a wonderful occasion, and it is also a wonderful setting.
Enjoy your time with us, we are happy to be your hosts.” “Watch the game today, and for those
who stay overnight and have time the next day, explore the city.” “If you don’t have time,
our metropolitan area is always worth a visit. Be amazed, and many stay – because it is simply so beautiful.”

Welcome and Slava Ukraine!

“I would like to warmly welcome the First Vice President Ronny Zimmermann, who is responsible for amateurs and regional
and state associations, here with us at the town hall.”
“I would especially like to welcome our guests from the Ukrainian Football Association, President Andriy Shevchenko,
and Secretary General Igor Hryshchenko.”


“Ladies and gentlemen, dear football enthusiasts, today is truly something special, and that’s why there’s excitement in the air.”
“The game will start shortly, and now we have the reception.”
“I am delighted that the Ambassador can be here as well – we met at the very beginning of his
ambassadorship here in Nuremberg.” “I am also pleased that his Excellency the Ambassador from Slovenia is here.”

“Of course, I would like to welcome the present members of the Bavarian State Parliament and the representatives
of the Nuremberg City Council. And of course, I am pleased to welcome Christoph Kern, President of the Bavarian
Football Association, here with us today.”

“From 1. FC Nürnberg, we welcome the board represented by Mr. Jogi Chatzialexiou, as well as the supervisory board
on behalf of the new sports director and chairman Meier – a warm welcome to the club, and “It will be alright again.”

“A special greeting goes out, of course, to the many representatives of the political community here in Nuremberg,
to the members of the partnership association in Nuremberg, and to those present who tirelessly support the numerous
aid deliveries to our partner city in Ukraine, always organizing and for that, once again, a heartfelt
thank you for the tremendous volunteer efforts of our partnership association. Mrs. Rempe is here;
thank you for this incredible achievement.” “Thank you!”

“Ladies and gentlemen, even in these difficult hours, let us remember the families who are displaced from their
homes and were evacuated today.” “3,500 people, and let us also remember those at this point, there is still
one missing person, and here too I thank all emergency services, no matter which organizations they come from,
they come from all over Germany.”

“In times like these, Germany stands together to assist those in Bavaria, in our country, people facing conscious
distress, rescuing lives and limbs. Thank you to everyone involved in ensuring people receive the help they need.”

“We are excited and looking forward to a very thrilling international match, and of course, we are proud hosts here
in Nuremberg. It’s a symbolic and unifying game between nations that we will witness here today in Nuremberg.

“I mentioned earlier to the president that this stadium marks a special place where we take the next step in development.
The stadium is named after Max Morlock, one of our national players. Not many stadiums in Germany bear the name
of a national player.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming.”

“Thank you for joining us today to open this game and reception together. It’s significant for us, as we have built
a strong connection to our sister city, Kharkiv, over the past decades.”

“I just mentioned that our partnership association tirelessly supports the people living in Kharkiv, enduring in Kharkiv,
defending their city against Russia’s aggression. In the past months and over the last two and a half years,
we have welcomed people. At the moment, nearly 13,000 Ukrainians live in our city; they have sought a new
home to bridge this time, and we are assisting those who have come to us.
we support the people in Kharkiv. Over the past 2.5 years, we have been able to provide incredible amounts
of aid from our municipality, for instance, 1000 hospital beds. I just met someone from the community
who coordinated deliveries; the 1000 beds have arrived. We sent wheelchairs, brought dozens of generators
to Kharkiv, renovated schools, and attempted to offer and deliver many things to Kharkiv.”

“This is a significant achievement from civil society here in Nuremberg.” “The images we see every day are so shocking,
and we are helping to stand together in such a terrible situation and not forget our sister city.

This is like a marriage: “In good times and bad, we stand together and help the people.”

“Dear guests this evening, it’s also an opportunity for both national football teams to compete in a friendly manner
and prepare for the European Championship.””Football – sport connects, ladies and gentlemen. Here too,
I hope that the football associations, which met this afternoon, and our associations have met to reorganize
sports and educational activities for Ukrainian children in Germany, are an excellent idea for even better cooperation.
Ukrainian children can experience success, self-efficacy, and joy here. One has a goal and the feeling of reflecting
together and working even closer together, and that the so-called ‘Nuremberg Agreement’ is also founded on a
deepening and successful cooperation.”

“I am pleased that we will host this friendly match as a simple game together, which also underscores tha
t the Chancellor will join us and watch this match. It delights me that we can, to some extent, amidst the
cruel war we are experiencing, also celebrate a bit of sporting success, regardless of who wins – it should be a
fair game, celebrated together.”

“I also hope, and I say this on behalf of all of Germany, that Europe and the world do not forget Ukraine.
We provide support, not only hygiene items and equipment for firefighters and schools, but also aid directly
to the people, and ultimately help the soldiers with every means possible so that Putin does not win this war.”

“Ukraine is fighting for us, for Europe, for freedom, for democracy.”

“And from the city of Nuremberg, we will always strive to do what we can, just as I also emphasize that all
Western countries must stand together and unite to ensure that we maintain democracy and freedom in Europe.”

“Therefore, Putin must not win this war, ladies and gentlemen.”

Bernd Neuendorf

Welcome to the grand hall of Nuremberg City Hall!

“Dear guests from the world of sports, politics, and administration, allow me to say a few words as well.”

“Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to the city and personally to the office in this historically significant city.”

“This beautiful hall and our gathering here are special, and this is not just any international match. When we play
against Ukraine, as we did last year in Bremen, we saw the impact in terms of audience and the extensive coverage
surrounding the game. These are extraordinary times we live in.”

“Today is no different; in this match, we aim to reaffirm what Mr. König has just said.
The DFB stands firmly with Ukraine, and I believe it’s crucial to emphasize this in these times within the football
community as well.”

“And not just with words, as mentioned earlier. Today, we will use this opportunity to sign an agreement for cooperation,
which consists of two steps: The first step involves inviting children from Ukraine to Germany and to sports schools
in Malente and Barsinghausen, Lower Saxony, where they will begin football camps starting this week.”

“This initiative will take place over the next two years. Additionally, we will collaborate with Ukraine on coach training,
reflecting our commitment to look ahead despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict. Much has already
been accomplished in our efforts towards Ukraine since the onset of this war.”

“I was elected to this office on March 11, 2022, which, I believe, was 14 days after the Russian attack on Ukraine began.
At that time, the Bundestag was deeply affected by and responding to this violation of international law.”

“We immediately considered how to respond and provide support, which has been done in various ways.”

“Over 10 million euros have been allocated to various projects in Ukraine thus far, as I mentioned.
I want to express my gratitude for the commitment shown by amateur clubs in this regard.
It’s important to note that we have many clubs in Bavaria that have welcomed Ukrainian children and athletes.”

“They have allowed them to train and play football together, which has possibly eased some of the pain and
difficulties associated with the loss of home. These amateur clubs, which have supported children and teenagers
in this way, have been assisted by our foundation with a grant of 500 euros each.”

“There was a shortage of everything: football shoes and many other items that needed to be purchased.
We supported and partly alleviated this through our foundation. 600 clubs have benefited from the Egidius Braun Foundation,
which helped cover the costs incurred by these clubs.”

“This has enabled many young people here to receive football equipment.”

“The commitment that is happening here in Germany, I believe, is worthy of applause!”

Andriy Shevchenko

In 2004, he was awarded the Ballon d’Or as Europe’s best footballer. In 2024, Andriy Shevchenko
assumed the role of President of the Ukrainian Football Association (UAF).

On June 3, 2024, he, together with DFB President Bernd Neuendorf, signed the “Golden Book” of the city of Nuremberg.

Football continues to develop in Ukraine despite the ongoing war. We have resumed our five professional futsal tournaments
for Ukrainian men’s and women’s club teams competing for the national cup. Additionally, competitions in children’s and youth
football leagues have resumed with appropriate safety measures in place.

Ukraine has been independent for 32 years, and now all national teams will participate in a EURO finals for the first time.
Particularly noteworthy is that Ukraine secured a spot in the Olympic football tournament for the first time in 2024.

We are demonstrating Ukraine’s determination to win and showing that it is a strong football nation.

Our national team achieves this with strong motivation and a strong will to win. We appreciate the support of our fans
in Ukraine and abroad. Every victory of Ukraine, whether on the field or off, is crucial for every Ukrainian and especially
for those defending our country on the front lines right now. The players are aware of this significance.

Andriy Shevchenko was awarded the Ballon d’Or as Europe’s best footballer in 2004.

Ukraine enters EURO 2024 with the youngest team. All players in the squad possess great qualities and unique personalities.
However, for us, it is more important to perform as a team.

And we will certainly see the strong leadership qualities of our players on the field.

Länderspiel Deutschland-Ukraine

On June 3, 2024, the Max-Morlock-Stadion was completely sold out with 42,789 spectators.
The international match started promptly at 8:45 PM with an impressive opening ceremony.
The audience was thrilled. The game was intense, with both teams playing aggressively, showcasing their passion on the field.
There were numerous scoring opportunities, but unfortunately, none were converted into goals.
The spectators were enthusiastic, cheering loudly and passionately supporting their teams from the stands.

With chants for Germany and Ukraine, the football teams were vigorously supported and cheered on by the audience.
There were plenty of great moments near the goals, but unfortunately, no goals were scored. It was a fantastic game,
incredibly exciting, and the fantastic atmosphere of the spectators enthralled everyone present.

We are looking forward to the European Championship and wish both national teams the very best and the greatest possible success.

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