50. Birthday IWA-Nürnberg

50. IWA-Nuremberg | Happy Birthday IWA-Outdoor Classics

50. IWA-Nuremberg | Happy Birthday IWA-Outdoor Classics

50. IWA Ourdoor Classics 2024

The IWA celebrates its 50th anniversary with 1,080 exhibitors from 53 countries and 40,000 trade visitors
from 120 countries in attendance.

The IWA was founded in 1974 by several companies and associations. It is an international trade fair for hunting weapons,
sports weapons, ordnance weapons, outdoor articles, and accessories.

Fritzmann is one of these founding companies. It is a wholesaler of hunting accessories, shooting, and outdoor equipment.
Alfred Brandmeier is a co-founder of the IWA.

Founder Georg Fritzmann began his career as a commercial employee in Lichtenfels. In 1904, due to a misdelivery
of antlers instead of basketware, he established his own business for antlers and hunting accessories.
With the production of items made from deer horn, such as chandeliers, wall and floor lamps, barometers, and more,
he quickly gained an excellent reputation among hunters throughout Germany, and over the years, it grew into a
medium-sized company.
They proudly present 20 dedicated employees and a dealer network of more than 1500 customers
at home and abroad, and the product range has expanded to include hunting and outdoor accessories as well
as shooting sports equipment. With over 3000 items continuously adapted to current market requirements,
they offer their customers a wide selection.

Only retailers are allowed to purchase from Fritzmann, and filling the shopping cart is possible over an extended
period. Deliveries to Switzerland are personally handled by the Brandmauer couple. They handle customs formalities
and deliver the goods themselves. The company is still family-owned since its inception, with son Markus now involved
in the business.
Markus studied mechanical engineering and obtained his doctorate, which is invaluable in technical
development. He worked at the University of Erlangen at the chair of manufacturing automation.
Markus loved math and physics for manufacturing automation. When asked how he managed it so easily and
developed a passion for two subjects that are anything but simple, he said to me: “Shooting makes it possible!”
“Through shooting, which he has been doing since he was a young boy, he learned the ability to concentrate,
and that always serves him well.” Markus plays the piano, organ, and is a church organist. This ability to concentrate
from 0 to 100 in the shortest time remains lifelong. Children in shooting sports = top of the class.
Read this article in the headlines A-Z, https://die-schlagzeile.com/kinder-schiesssport-klassenbeste/

Alfred Brandmeier is now 93 years young and fit; he still has an office, a computer, and stays up to date.
Many foreign visitors come, who are customers of Fritzmann. The Friedmanns send out information in advance,
so these visitors arrive well-informed at the IWA.

Markus speaks 5 languages, so communication at the booth and with customers is almost always possible
in their native language. The Brandmeiers say this is very pleasant.

Highlights and special areas in 2024

  • Tactical training with MXR Tactics
  • BLADE Demo Area
  • IWA Knife Award
  • AIRSOFT Shooting Range
  • AIRSOFT Shooting Parkour by Airsoft Heroes
  • OPTICS Testing Area
  • Newcomer Area
  • IWA Job Center

Offering spectrum

  • Target Sports Weapons, weapon parts, processing, and safety, ammunition and reloading for hunting and sports, optics and electronics for outdoor, outdoor equipment, archery, and crossbows.
  • Nature Activities Outdoor equipment, functional outdoor clothing, backpacks, shoes & boots, knives, binoculars.
  • Protecting People Firearms for authorities and self-defense, ammunition, optronics, knives, clothing, equipment & tactics, training, specialist information for civilian and official security needs.


A mobile carrier system for handheld devices that can be easily attached to your car. Image transmission occurs via WiFi streaming to a tablet or similar device inside your vehicle. Thermal imaging cameras and handheld devices for wildlife observation, building inspections, or security surveillance can be effortlessly mounted on your car with the X Specter. The X Specter is compatible with nearly any handheld device.

O | F Leads the Way

With a professional offering of technology, tactics, manual skills, and operational medicine in the field, individuals undergo specialized training. Being prepared to react appropriately in emergency situations, whether on a medical level, with manual skills such as close combat, physical resilience, or tactics. Tactical training is reserved for members of law enforcement.

Airborne Medical Group

Provides advanced first aid for humans and dogs. Tactical casualty care, K9 medicine, hunter courses, operational tactics & medicine, in-house training. This extends first aid training and makes it accessible to everyone, imparting life-saving measures for both humans and dogs.


Optics and thermal imaging cameras are a significant focus at the IWA. The development of individual devices is progressing incredibly. The imaging is sensational, with a range of up to 1200 meters under certain conditions. These thermal imaging cameras can be handheld like a camcorder or mounted on the scope of your rifle. Color options range from black/white to green or pink. The precision and level of detail that can be discerned are incredible. Some devices are so precise that the wrinkles on the observer’s face can be seen. They come with remote control and additional battery, making them ideal for hunting, locating individuals, or fawns and protecting them from the cruel fate of agricultural machinery.


Modern crossbows with a magazine for arrows, which are now more affordable than in the past. There are various models available. Some are small and easy to cock, similar to the old air rifle technology – break-barrel. Others require both hands to cock, which is more suitable for experienced users. It’s not quite easy. The AR-6 Compact features a 6-shot magazine, weighs only 800g, measures 36cm in length, and has a light on the barrel, making it a so-called pistol crossbow, which is also possible. Today’s crossbows are very modern, available in different sizes, and highly attractive in design. Crossbow shooting is gaining popularity, with sports equipment available at an attractive price and offering a lot of fun.


Blade Demo Area

Every year, the IWA hosts a Blade Demo Area where knives, swords, sabers, and everything imaginable are showcased. The German Blade Museum in Solingen gives lectures, demonstrates, and teaches how a saber, for example, is manufactured and the crucial criteria involved in its production. Crafting knives is a great art; the material must be worked with strength and delicacy, or else cracks can form in the steel, rendering the knife unusable. Design is also crucial; whether it’s Damascus steel or high-gloss polished knives, each has its own charm, beauty, and functionality. It’s always worth visiting Hall 5 and being surprised by the diversity of knife manufacturers.

Outdoor Equipment

Clothing for sports and hunting must possess excellent quality and functionality to endure hours in the hunting blind without freezing. Waterproof or water-repellent, heavily insulated yet allowing the hunter freedom of movement to navigate quietly is essential. New models and various designs can be admired at the IWA. The craftsmanship and quality of materials are sensational. This makes dressing both stylish and functional even more enjoyable for hunters.


Wherever you looked, there was good cheer, happy people, and a galactic show entertaining the 1000 guests at the 2024 IWA party. The Future Party was all about galaxies, planets, a laser light show that enthralled the entire evening, and great music that kept every guest off their seats, ensuring that this “SpaceNight” would provide plenty of good and fun conversations for a long time to come. A band rocked the stage, igniting the atmosphere. Eventually, the band simply left the stage and continued singing and playing among the audience. The venue rocked until the early hours, with dancing, a limbo contest, and spontaneous fun. Guests, surprisingly limber, managed to limbo to heights of 50 cm above the ground. An antique and beautifully restored VW bus was transformed into a bar and is still in use. It stood there stylishly with its smartly dressed crew, mixing many cocktails throughout the evening.

The technology was managed and monitored at the FOH (Front of House), controlling the light show and sound. The music kept everyone off their seats, and there was no standing still. Joyful celebrations were everywhere. Lehrieder Catering took care of the catering needs, delighting guests with delicious medium-rare roast beef with spaetzle and asparagus, as well as vegetable casserole and vegan options. The dessert was out of this world, sending guests into other realms.

With space goggles, guests were transported to another galaxy, a sight usually only seen on television but a reality at the Future Party. Everyone who tried it was absolutely thrilled and beamed from ear to ear. Others were at Photobox 42, dancing in front of the glow, “fighting” with swords, dressing up, donning huge glasses, aiming with salami, and catching the biggest fish “on land.” All of this was photographed or filmed with the glow and could be taken home immediately.

The evening was a great success, with an indescribably beautiful and lively atmosphere. In a word, it was a very successful event, and the same goes for the 50th IWA 2024.

Happy Birthday, IWA-Nuremberg.

Warm regards, Yours Susanne

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