The "Krüger Evening"
Markus Weisgerber invites at
Olympia-Schiessanlage München

As every year, CEO Markus Weisgerber and Sales Director Joachim Seibold invited guests to the annual “Kruger Evening.” The tables were elegantly set with beautiful glasses, white tablecloths, and the chafing dishes were ready and waiting to be filled with exquisite food for the guests.

Associations and customers who were coming to the German Championships in Munich Hochbrück were invited. In a relaxed atmosphere, business partners and association representatives could exchange ideas in peace, and new innovative processes were being initiated.

Today, Markus Weisgerber is presenting a new product from Kruger Schießscheiben.

The company Kruger, headquartered in Leipzig, was founded in 1937 by great-grandfather and grandfather Lothar Kruger. In 1937, the company produced printed materials, contract items such as catalogs, forms, letterheads, brochures, flyers, business cards, books, etc. With a range of offset printing, continuous form printing, digital printing, and lettershop, Kruger can truly fulfill all wishes. And so, brother Günther Kruger, who was a sports shooter, came up with the idea to produce shooting targets.

In 1966, the machines could be further used, and only minimal conversion was necessary to produce the shooting targets on the already existing machines. The shooting targets are used in 150 countries, so distribution takes place all around the world. Kruger began production of the shooting targets and not only that, Kruger also manufactures art books, books with regional references, such as a cookbook, industrial culture and industrial nature of Saarland, and more.


Kruger has put a lot of thought into bringing a version of shooting targets to the market that breaks all boundaries. It’s here, the shooting target that can be custom-made according to your own wishes and ideas.

Create your own shooting game for the young marksmen, motivate your “youngsters” in the club.

For the student, the young shooter who might be into comics, or how about the Halloween theme – delightfully spooky, a gentlemen’s evening is coming up – with a very special idea, no problem, Kruger makes it possible.

The bachelorette party with a target for each bridesmaid and your very own design.

A wedding with its own theme and a target specially made for it, that’s also possible. You can start with a quantity of 1. Create extraordinary certificates made from shooting target material, or your invitation card with the “Golden Shot,” and much more.

Kruger impresses with creativity, maintains traditions, and grows with its audience.

Text and Pictures are Copyright by Susanne Panhans



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