20. Middle Franconian Children's Film Festival Erlangen

20. Middle Franconian Children's Film Festival 2024 Erlangen

20. Middle Franconian Children’s Film Festival 2024 Erlangen


„Tatort Museum“

On March 14, 2024, the film “Tatort Museum” was impressively and humorously shown at Erlangen City Hall.

The young filmmakers—Anton, Clarissa, Emilia, Fanni, Hanno, Katharina, Maris, and Tamina—all under the age of 14,
presented their film “Tatort Museum” at Erlangen City Hall.

Dr. Florian Janik sponsored this project, and not only was he visibly impressed, but so were the sponsors:
Bernhard Lott from Siemens AG, Jessica Hahn from Kreissparkasse Erlangen, Anna Salomon, the Deputy Chairwoman
of the Kreisjugendring Erlangen-Höchstadt, Dominik Hertel, Chairman of Kreisjugendring ERH, Andreas Drechsler and
Michael John, Chairmen of Stadtjugendring Erlangen, and Katharina Hierl, Media Specialist for the Middle Franconia
district, who also handled the festival organization and moderated the press conference.

The film was first shown on May 14, 2024, and even the young filmmakers had not seen it before.
After shooting, the film is edited with support from adults. Sound, directing, acting in front of the camera,
and turning the story into a script all come from the children themselves. Producing films is a creative
achievement by the young team. Here, teamwork, creativity, perseverance, discipline, and enjoyment
of the process, which still involves a lot of work, are fostered.

Themes and stories by children for children are creatively brought to life in exciting and innovative films.

The children’s creativity and passion for producing films using tablets, smartphones, and affordable cameras grew steadily,
making the need to provide a platform for these ambitious filmmakers undeniable. Thus, the Middle Franconian Children’s
Film Festival was born. These projects not only foster creativity and enjoyment but are also educationally valuable
and support the children’s learning abilities in school and later in life. They raise awareness that realizing a project
is not a sprint but a marathon, all while having fun and being creative.

They are wholehearted team players.

The adults enjoyed themselves, and the young filmmakers were literally over the moon. They had not seen themselves
on the big screen before. They professionally decided on the film’s topic, which “took a long time, about an hour,
” they said, and then they wrote a script.

“Because you can’t just improvise in front of the camera; we need to know which lines to say in which scenes.”

The young filmmakers give us some insights into their work and the creation of this film.
We will see more from these young filmmakers in the future. The children’s performance is outstanding,
and the film is very successful.

There is still an opportunity to submit additional films until September 24, 2024, the registration deadline. www.kinderfilmfestival-mfr.de.

The Middle Franconian Children’s Film Festival

Participation Requirements:

  • Participants must be no older than 14 years.
  • Participants must be from Middle Franconia.
  • The film must have been produced in 2023/2024.

The films are produced by children for children and can be a maximum of 15 minutes long.
The genre is open: crime, comedy, or fairy tale, letting your imagination run wild.
The festival will take place from December 4-6, 2024, at E-Werk Erlangen.

Approximately 26 films will be shown. Over three days, there will be morning screenings for children and a
public screening in the afternoon. All attending filmmakers will receive a certificate, a festival t-shirt, and,
of course, the recognition of the audience.

The 20th Middle Franconian Children’s Film Festival is under the patronage of Erlangen’s Lord Mayor Dr. Florian Janik.

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