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"Simply without Gluten & Co."
15.9. at 16:05 pm, am 16.9.- at 13:05 pm and the 17.9. at 12:35 pm.
At the Tiergärtnertorplatz.

Food Intolerances or “Simply Gluten & Co. Free”

“I hear it all the time: ‘It’s getting worse, nowadays nobody can tolerate anything anymore!’ People are helpless, not knowing what they can eat or drink anymore, and life doesn’t seem enjoyable. I’m Susanne Panhans, an expert in food intolerances. I’ve been dealing with this issue for over 30 years, not because I like it so much, but because of my own experience. 

People often think of the worst when they receive such a diagnosis. It may not be that bad, but it’s the first thought, causing discomfort and helplessness. People believe that life is over, and they can’t enjoy anything anymore. Thankfully, that’s not true. 

I call it ‘taking off the ghost’s cloak,’ that’s how I describe the process—educating and advising, shedding light on the matter with thorough analysis, and explaining it to those affected. Knowledge is power, and knowing what’s in your food and whether it can be enjoyed is the first significant step Nuremberg. Some foods shouldn’t be eaten raw but are digestible when cooked. Others are related to a different group of foods that are not tolerated, so they should be avoided as well. Your body will thank you. A bit more love and care for your own body pay off in the long run. You wouldn’t put gasoline in your diesel car, right?

There are many intersections, and in the end, it’s like set theory. That’s why analysis and education are so crucial. For example, histamine intolerance is often thought of as ‘everything fermented and aged,’ and then it’s under control Nuremberg. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple because histamine has many forms. You’ll find it in medications, colors, fragrances, cleaning products, and more. I wouldn’t have been successful in life if I didn’t know which buttons to adjust and change in my diet. 

Visit us at Tiergärtnertorplatz in Nuremberg and get informed. 

Visit my website and book your individual consultation appointment. 

Warm regards, Susanne Panhans Texts and Images – Copyright by Susanne Panhans”

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