Oktoberfest - Wiesn 2023

Oktoberfest - Dream Wiesn 2023 München

“It was a dream Wies’n”

The weather was consistently beautiful, delighting over 7.2 million visitors. It was a casual, airy, and relaxed Wies’n.
Even on the way there, the good mood was infectious. Many smiling faces, beautiful Dirndls, crisp Lederhosen, and a positive,
exuberant atmosphere. People come from all over the world, whether from Portugal, Italy, Spain, the USA, and even as far as Australia.
And, of course, from Munich and the surrounding area.

Rikscha Driver with big heard

On the way to the Wies’n, I met Jochen, a rickshaw driver with a heart. I had just arrived and had quite a bit to carry.
As he approached me, I asked if he could take me to my accommodation. Despite being short by 5 euros, he took me and said,
“Please donate this to a charitable organization.” “Of course, I will,” I promised.

I thought I’d see Jochen again, and a few days later, I did. He was on his way to the Wies’n with his rickshaw. ‘Jochen!’ I called out,
holding the 5 euro note high. ‘I didn’t expect to meet you here again!’ I was very happy and handed him the money.
I told him that I am a freelance journalist with my own online newspaper, offering a PR service. I help promote and increase the visibility
of people. You can find the picture associated with this under the article.

Heino performed at the Oktoberfest

in the Schützenzelt, igniting the atmosphere with the song ‘Leila,’
causing the whole

place to rock. Heino is a legend of German Schlager music, active as a singer since the early 1960s. He has sold over 50 million
records and is considered a Schlager icon with hits like ‘Die lustigen Holzhacker Bub’n,’ ‘Blau blüht der Enzian,’
‘Die schwarze Barbara,’ ‘Polenmädchen,’ ‘Im Rosengarten,’ and many more.


Harald Schwarz, the tent manager and the heart of the Schützenzelt

Mr. Schwarz has been the head chef and tent manager at the Oktoberfest’s Schützenzelt for 19 years. Approximately
6,500 guests visit the Schützenzelt daily, with tables typically being occupied 2-3 times, and around 35,000 liters of beer
are served per day.

With 420 employees, Mr. Schwarz efficiently manages the operations in the tent. “We have a top team with motivated employees;
everything works very well.” Coordinating the kitchen, dishwashing, cleaning crew, and about 50 chicken roasters with around 50
people is a challenge. 70% of the staff are regulars, about 200 out of 250 people.

“On the first weekend, people are trained, and then the gears turn on their own.”

“There is nothing more beautiful.”

Mr. Schwarz has a sparkle in his eyes as he tells me this; he is proud of his team – who are truly hardworking and understand the
importance of their work and smooth operations.

There are no major challenges with craftsmen and electricians; Mr. Schwarz has done many things in the gastronomy field, and
the top rule is:

“Never let routine set in!” “Be highly concentrated because it doesn’t run on its own and not by itself.”

From the kitchen’s perspective, there are no major outliers. Kaiserschmarrn, roast pork, suckling pig, and some soups. These are
the favorite dishes of the Wies’n guests in the Schützenfestzelt.

When reserving tables, there are vouchers for 2 beers and half a chicken. Not all tables are reserved, as the city of Munich mandates
that some tables must remain available.
The atmosphere in the tent: “Everyone has their own concept.” What others do is not important; for years, it has been running with the
scheme that the Schützenfestzelt has devised, superb! “It is simply the best tent.”

The Oktoberfest is a globally recognized brand and is imitated everywhere, especially in the USA, such as Ohio, Florida, and Mexico.

Harald Schwarz himself is a trained chef and kitchen master. He apprenticed in Hamburg, worked at the Hotel Königshof in Munich,
in Cologne, worked at the airport restaurant, spent 2 years at Käfer in Düsseldorf, was the kitchen director for 11 years at Mövenpick,
led the purchasing department at Löwenbräukeller, Frankziskaner, and other large restaurants.

“The press conference”

revealed that this time, the Wies’n took place in an XXL format, lasting 18 days. Over 6.5 million liters of beer were consumed,
with a decrease in alcohol consumption, especially among young people. The 188th Oktoberfest ended on October 3rd.

Wies’n Chief Clemens Baumgärtner

stated, ‘We are very satisfied with how the Oktoberfest went.’ 7.2 million guests attended the Wies’n, and 480,000 guests visited
the ‘Alte Wies’n.’ 15% more food was sold than the previous year. The hits were chicken, followed by hocks. Organic products,
vegetarian dishes, and vegan products saw increasing popularity.

6.5 million liters of beer were consumed, non-alcoholic drinks increased by 50%, and water consumption increased by 50%.
The water fountains were well received by Wies’n guests, with some tents running out of water on certain days.
The majority of guests were from Munich and the surrounding area, with international guests from the US, France, Italy, and Australia.

The Wies’n is a great ambassador of joy of life. There were 80,000 – 100,000 hits on the Wies’n table sales portal, preventing
the black market and illegal sales of Wies’n tables. 115,600 stolen beer mugs were retrieved and returned to the festival grounds.

‘We are satisfied at the Wies’n,’ says Clemens Baumgärtner. ‘Even the showmen are happy this year.’ ‘The tents were not locked,
reducing pressure, and the guests are more relaxed.


The hit was the chicken hat – it was sold out at some stands on the penultimate day. Also, the pins and fridge magnets are popular
and affordable mementos of the Wies’n. There wasn’t a specific Wiesn hit in 2023, but the 80s classic ‘Sarà perché ti amo’ was
frequently played.

The Wies’n is a masterpiece and a showcase for the city and authorities. Communication and collaboration worked seamlessly.

Lost and found:

A few red high heels and traditional Bavarian shoes were found, along with an engagement/wedding set, countless phones, and IDs.
Surprisingly, there were fewer umbrellas this year.


Mr. Andreas Franken, spokesman for the Munich Police Department, reflects on a largely relaxed Wies’n 2023. Nevertheless,
the police’s work did not come to an end. They recorded over 1,800 operations this year, with one-third of them related to drug
offenses. This constitutes a regulatory offense, likely influenced by the beautiful weather. “People are drawn outdoors, and in
the open air, there was a relatively uninhibited use of substances such as cannabis, and even in 40% of cases, cocaine was seized.

In total, there were 368 cases. The numbers of physical assaults did not increase; Maßkrug (beer mug) brawls decreased to 29.
There was a decline in pickpocketing, as people paid more attention to their belongings, with a total of 40% fewer cases.
Sexual offenses: 73 incidents had to be documented, with a majority involving sexual harassment, including instances of touching
under the skirt or upskirting, where photographs are taken under the skirt. There were six reports of rape. There were 26 attacks
on policewomen and policemen, with two officers no longer fit for duty due to injuries. One officer sustained an ankle fracture.
“We wish them a speedy recovery!”

258 driver’s licenses were confiscated, and 219 times the use of e-scooters was terminated, as it also involved intoxicated
participation in traffic. There were 23 accidents, 828 towings, and 25 drone-related reports, as this area is a restricted airspace.

Fire Department

The 2-6 forces of the Munich Fire Department covered 12 km on foot daily. Every day, the fire department checked the emergency
routes of the kitchen areas and the entire festival grounds. The identified deficiencies were promptly rectified or completely
eliminated by the operators. There were two minor incidents with smoke alarms, but the stand operators had them under control
within 2 minutes, requiring only subsequent checks with a thermal imaging camera. There were 26 officers on duty daily, with a primary
focus on prevention. Another article about the fire department will be available soon in the headlines.

Warm regards, Your Susanne Panhans

Texts and Images – Copyright by Susanne Panhans

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