Parasport athletes compete at Olympic shooting range in Munich during the German Championships 2023

Inclusion in SHooting Sport

Para athletes deliver impressive performances. Here, a distinction is made between shooting with and without aids.
People with limited vision can shoot either by using auditory assistance, relying on sound, or with aids such
as slings, spring rest, and “lying down.” It’s important to note that “lying down” shooting has a different definition for athletes
with mobility limitations compared to those who can stand on their own.

For example, the sling is a loop attached to a rod hanging down, where the Parasport athlete places their rifle approximately one-third
of the barrel length into the sling and brings the rifle stock to the shoulder in the aiming position. Only the hand operating the trigger
can be used, making it a very delicate matter that requires absolute inner calm and a steady hand.

Shooting with a Spring Rest

The spring rest is a support device with a rod providing a surface where the rifle can be placed, and underneath, there is a spring.

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Lying Down Shooting

The sports shooter sits at a “table,” but it’s referred to as “lying down” because it’s not possible for Parasport athletes to assume
a truly prone position for shooting.

Shooting with Limited Vision

The Acoustic is an electronic device on the rifle that provides the Parasport athlete with audio signals through headphones, indicating
whether they are on target (in the white area) or moving away from the center during aiming. In this
context, the center is not black,
as shooters are typically accustomed to, but white. The Acoustic aid can differentiate shades from light to dark and convert them into sounds, allowing 
Parasport athletes with limited vision to react effectively during competitions.

All these elements are allowed in Para shooting.

3rd Place for Kevin
Zimmermann at the German Championships at Olympia Shooting Range Hochbrück

In the discipline of Air Rifle Para SH1/AB1 without aids, Kevin Zimmermann secured the 3rd place in the individual ranking at the German Championships.

Kevin is 43 years old and has been shooting for 31 years. He started shooting because of a friend who used to go shooting and took Kevin
to training sessions. That’s how Kevin got into shooting.

International Competitions:

2014 – 1st Place Team World Champion with Air Rifle 2nd Place Vice World Champion in the individual ranking with Air Rifle 3rd Place Team R1,
Falling Target (R1 – Air Rifle standing male)

2013 – 1st Place Team European Champion with Air Rifle (R1)

2002 – 2nd Place Vice World Champion with Air Rifle (R1) 3rd Place Individual World Championship with Air Rifle (R1)

We congratulate you heartily and wish you continued success and “GUT SCHUSS!”

Patrick Schmitt – 1st Place and New German Champion in the discipline of Air Rifle Spring Rest Olympia Shooting Range Hochbrück

2023 – 1st Place Air Rifle Spring Rest 2022 – 1st Place Air Rifle Spring Rest 2016 – 1st Place Air Rifle Spring Rest

2023 Bavarian Championships

1st Place Bavarian Champion with Small Bore Rifle 100m 2nd Place Bavarian Champion with Air Rifle – prone 10m (Sitting with elbows
supported and using the spring rest) 1st Place Air Rifle Spring Rest Bavarian Championship

Patrick uses the sling in the round-robin competition at the district championship.

Patrick is 33 years old and loves anything with an engine and enjoys working on vehicles. He calls himself a hobby mechanic.
There’s always something to repair or make better. Since the age of 15, motorcycles and cars have fascinated Patrick.

Patrick has been shooting Air Rifle since 2006; he was always enthusiastic about it. His mother was initially against it because
her brother was involved with shooting. He eventually took Patrick to youth training. After classification, Patrick joined the team.
Later, his coach, Alfred Spinger, realized that shooting wasn’t the right fit for Patrick. He took Patrick under his wing, and
together with his wife, they trained Patrick. His progress was remarkable, and his mother is very proud of Patrick and his great sporting

Alfred Brader is Patrick’s second coach and serves as the representative for Parasport athletes of the BSSB
(Bavarian Shooting Sports Association).

Recreational Activity: “As I mentioned, I’m a hobby mechanic,” Patrick says with a big smile. “The head and heart have to be in sync; otherwise, it won’t work.”

That’s Patrick’s recipe for success.

We congratulate you heartily and wish you continued success and “GUT SCHUSS!”

Thomas Siwek


Thomas has been shooting for 38 years. He used to live in East Germany and started training in air pistol shooting at the age of 14. A good friend introduced him to shooting. He also competes in small-bore and large-bore shooting, even at the state championship level.

In 2023, he competed in the German Championships in Hannover with the small-bore pistol in the supported category.

From 1998 to 2003, Thomas coached children in the club, and today, he represents the handball department in a deputy capacity. When Thomas isn’t at the Parasport shooting range, he spends time with his wife, his dog, and tends to his garden.

Thomas lives in South Brandenburg, just 30 km from Poland. He willingly undertakes a 600 km journey to attend events, sometimes simply because he feels comfortable here.

And that’s the most important thing; the camaraderie among shooters is something truly special, and that’s the same worldwide.

Texts and images Copyright by Susanne Panhans.

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