Strong men and breathtaking mountainbike courses.

Red Bull District Ride

How 80,000 screws and several tons of wood become a breathtaking Red Bull mountainbike course. Drilling, sawing, hammering, huge components lie on the ground and a highly motivated team of 14 men builds the different

Strong districts from the Kaiserburg down to the main market square in Nuremberg’s old town. Finally, the time has come, the Red Bull District Ride takes place in Nuremberg again after 5 years. This is the 6th Red Bull District Ride, which Niko Bößl and Simon Reitberger are building together.

And the 2nd time as the company Kolap. The general trend shows that the infrastructure for the bikers is becoming more and more important, Niko Bößl tells me, and the summer business is enjoying strong growth.

The public wants breathtaking courses for maximum fun and lots of adrenaline. The Kolap company can definitely fulfil this wish. They are not only a team of carpenters and joiners, but for the most part mountain bikers themselves.

Since 2004, the two men and their team have been working for Red Bull, among others. Back then, when they were building a logo for Red Bull, the then construction manager left Red Bull and they took their chance.

The two offer a really big service. From the small Bike Park for private use, skate parks, BMX and mountain bike courses to the extreme sports sector, they serve everything. They work all over the world, even under extreme conditions. Simon Reitberger and Niko Bößl simply make it possible.

„Our people are there when we need them. Whether they have to work at night or in the rain, to finish the course we ordered.”

“Team spirit is very important here. If something needs to be „readjusted“ on site, they drive the courses themselves and change the material accordingly. „That’s priceless knowledge,“ says Niko Bößl.”

„The curves, the gradients, the approach angles and radii, it’s everything – except simple.“ Years of experience make it possible.

The large parts were made outside of Nuremberg and brought with them. However, they didn’t have very much time, in just 4 weeks the large components had to be ready. Everything else needed for building, such as various steel substructures, Steffen Wunderlich and his crew did it all. Wood, screws, large tarpaulins with branding etc. are delivered to the site and assembled there. This course was designed by Aaron Chase, the winner of the first Red Bull District in 2005. Sustainability is also very important here.

Is also a priority here and various parts are reused in other parks after dismantling and deconstruction.

The next challenge is already waiting and the Kolap company and team are on the road in Nuremberg’s surrounding area to officially and TÜV approved officially and TÜV-approved routes for mountain bikers.

All Text and Picture Copyright by Susanne Panhans.

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